Victim's sister says Larry Murphy is innocent

Larry Murphy afraid to leave his home

The father of Deirdre Jacobs, a woman who has been missing since the 90s, said that the speculation surrounding Larry Murphy could hamper the police investigation into his daughter's disappearance.

Michael Jacobs said "Some newspapers are having a field day with speculation, but where is speculation going to get us?

"People drawing maps and talking about geographical areas and movements doesn't get us anywhere in our search for Deirdre.

"If we were to read all of the newspapers, we would be driven around the bend because some of what is being printed is downright inaccurate.

"We have to work with the facts of the case -- speculation doesn't help at all."

Larry Murphy was released from prison this month having served 10 years for the kidnapping, repeated rape and attempted murder of a Carlow business woman. While in prison he was questioned about the disappearance of up to six other women including Irish American Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacobs.

Though he was questioned by a group of police called Operation Trace, he would not cooperate and also never tried to clear his name in these crimes. The public and press therefore concluded that he was guilty of these crimes however his has not been proven and there is little proof linking him to Deirdre Jacobs disappearance.

Michael Jacobs has urged anyone with information on his daughter's disappearance to come forward and not listen to the speculation about Murphy's involvement in the press.

Recently a check stub was found which connects Murphy to her mother's sweetshop in Newbridge town. She was last seen walking from Newbridge town towards her family home on July 28, 1998.

It was speculated that Deirdre had visited her grandmother's sweet shop where Murphy was working as a carpenter. She then left to begin the 25 minute walk to her parent's house. She was never seen again.

A spokesperson for Newbridge police said that due to the speculation people might consider whatever information they have irrelevant and not come forward. The case is still very much open and under investigation.

The spokesperson said "One fear we have is that there is a general presumption here that Larry Murphy did everything. People may have information on Deirdre Jacob and won't come forward.
"We are keeping an open mind -- this case is still open."

Jo Jo Dullard's sister, Mary Phelan, has also come forward since Murphy's release. She does not believe that Murphy was involved in her sister's disappearance.

"I believe he had nothing to do with it … I think that it is wrong to put it out there that he is a serial killer because there is no evidence to back it up,” said Phelan.