The Health and Human Services, of South Carolina, have announced that they plan to investigate the conservative group, Project Veritas, and their undercover videos which show state workers providing Medicaid applications to a Republican activisit pretending to be a member of the IRA.

Anthony Kreck, the director of the Health and Human Services said, "We will fully investigate this situation and involve the Attorney General if needed."

He said it "raises concerns about how well trained and supported our staff are to handle outrageous situations."

Last month Project Veritas brought their cameras to Charleston, Summerville and Raleight North Carolina. They videoed Medicaid workers providing an actor pretending to be an IRA supporter with applications forms. The actor said there were 25 Irish nationals "basically shot up in a skirmish in Belfast."

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The actor told the official in Charleston that the men were recovering in Mount Pleasant hospital.

The video was released to focus attention on Medicaid fraud in the United States.

South Carolina’ Department of Job and Family Services called for worker retraining after the release of the video, by the same group, which showed workers giving advice to drug dealers. The video will be incorporated into their training according to reports in the Wall Street Journal.

During the South Carolina videos, the actor presented a business card, with a marijuana leaf saying he also imported pharmaceuticals.

The official told the ‘IRA soldier’ that the 25 wounded IRA soldiers didn't qualify for Emergency Medicaid. She also tells him "your business is your business. The only information I will request is that needed to make the application."

James O'Keefe, the republican activist who pretended to be the gunman, said, "I think it is not the individual employees' fault. I think it is a systemic problem. I think it's embodied in these organizations — see no evil, hear no evil, and just give out the government aid."