Liam Adams, a brother of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, is being sought after by police on both sides of the border after failing to appear in a Belfast Court at his preliminary hearing for child abuse charges.

The political leader has appealed to his brother to give himself up to authorities. Liam Adams is facing charges that he abused his daughter, Aine, for over eight years, beginning in the late 1970s. 

Speaking to UTV, the Sinn Fein President underlined his shock about the whole affair.

"Aine was about fourteen at the time, she was a wee kid, but she was always a very good wee girl and always you know, I just couldn't imagine a child like her making up such a serious allegation.

"Although I didn't have the awful details of the wrong that was done to her, I think it was doubly done by Liam refusing, called her a liar, and denying emphatically that he had done any wrong."

"This young woman has now decided to drop her anonymity and go public, it's taken all of this time because the perpetrator, in this case my brother, has thus far failed to fulfill his responsibilities towards his daughter.

"I haven't had any contact with him.

"I mean not only have I went to the PSNI. Liam knows if I knew where he was that I would tell the PSNI, and I would."

The PSNI and the Garda Siochanna are working together in their search for Larry Adams.