A new graphic novel “James Joyce – Portrait of a Dubliner” explores the literary genius’ life involving his family, friends, travels in Europe and recreation in Dublin, and including the intimate details of his relationship with Nora Barnacle.

The love affair between Joyce and Barnacle is at the center of the story, according to the Irish Independent. Their love affair is shown “in an explicit manner,” even showing them “cavorting,” naked on Howth Head, in north Dublin.

The 228-page graphic novel is the work of a young Spanish illustrator Alfonso Zapico.

The young Spanish artist not only read Joyce in preparation for this project but also traveled to Dublin to do research.

He said, “I try to build a life with all the elements around a character: the scenery, the places, the other characters, and to recreate the atmosphere of the time through my drawings.”

“James Joyce – Portrait of a Dubliner” won the young illustrator a major Spanish award, the National Comic Award 2012, when it was initially released, but this is not his first success. Zapico has been published in several comics across Europe and in two books.

Michael O’Brien of O’Brien Press decided to publish the book having spotted it at a European book fair.

The book has been commended for being uniquely accessible and presenting Joyce’s tumultuous life to an entirely new audience.

“James Joyce – Portrait of a Dubliner”  is available on Amazon.co.uk here.

The alternate cover to “James Joyce – Portrait of a Dubliner” by young Spanish illustrator Alfonso ZapicoIrish Comic News