Plans detailing the exact movements of the Pope during his visit in the U.K visit this month were left in a bar.

The five-page secret document was found at a bar in Warwickshire. It showed where the Pope's car would be parked, where he would change into his official robes and what route he would take during the Papal mass at Cofton Park in Birmingham.

It also showed the exact location of all the VIPs seats. During the mass he will beatify John Henry Newman, a 19th century British cardinal.

“If someone with malicious intent got their hands on these they’d be able to plan all sorts of trouble," said Jim Treherne, the manager of the bar.

"It beggars belief that they were just left lying around.”

The bar manager handed the document over to police after two men in suits left it at the bar having stopped by for lunch and a bottle of wine. The document was drawn up by an events company called WRG.

It is expected that 65,000 will attended the Papal mass. The crowds will include 2,000 priests, 2,000 VIPs and a choir of 1,200.

This will be the first beatification on English soil.