A second victim in California has taken a law suit against the Santa Rose Diocese.

The victim alleges that he was molested by the priest, Patrick Joseph McCabe, who was known to the Church as a pedophile. The Irish priest had been sent by the Church to a rehabilitation clinic in New Mexico and was then placed in the parish of St. Bernard's, in Eureka, where he had access to children through the parish school.

McCabe is now being extradited to Ireland from California. He is being charged with the sexual assault of six boys in Ireland from 1973 to 1981.

The newest victim to officially file a law suit against the Santa Rosa Diocese is 38-years-old. He said he had first disclosed the abuse to an ex-girlfriend some years ago but had never said anything to the Church or the police.

Referred to as "John Doe 77" he was assaulted when he was 11-years-old and a student at St. Bernard's school. The abuse continued weekly for nine months to a year.

His attorney, Joseph George of Sacramento, said that McCabe watched over the young boy once a week while his mother organized bingo games in the school to raise money for her sons tuition. The victim who is now a social worker felt he had to come forward after he read the reports in local papers at the beginning of August.

He is the fourth Californian victim of McCabe to come forward over the last month although only two of them have filed for legal action so far.

Their law suits claim that Santa Rose was negligent for hiring McCabe and not warning parishioners at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Eureka of his alleged history of abuse. He served in Eureka from 1983 to 1985.

The Diocese had not told their parishioners anything about McCabe's case in Ireland until last week. They posted a letter on their website from Bishop Daniel Walsh which called on "anyone who might have been mistreated" to come forward.

McCabe is being held in an Alameda County jail. His next hearing is set for Sept. 2 in San Francisco.

An Irish priest has left almost $1.5million in his will.Google Images