Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki may well  run for his senate seat in Massachusetts say family insiders who say she may use an upcoming visit to Ireland later this month to raise her public profile.

The seat is now held by Scott Brown who defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in a huge upset.

He is serving the unexpired part of Kennedy's term and will face re-election in November 2012.

Sources say that Vicki has begun seriously considering a run against Brown and that she was incensed that her husband's seat was taken away from the Democrats.

She was particularly  irate that Coakley did not call on her and ask her to campaign more.

She herself is from a very political family in New Orleans and is widely credited with stabilizing Ted Kennedy's life after they married.

Teddy's nephew Joe Kennedy would be a formidable obstacle if he decided to run but family sources say that is unlikely. He and Vicki have not had a warm relationship.

Teddy's son, Teddy Junior is also not expected to run.

There was some talk that he might run in Connecticut where he lives when Senator Chris Dodd resigned but he decided not to.

Vicki will travel to Ireland later this month  with Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith where both will take part in a celebration of Teddy Kennedy who will be awarded the Tipperary Peace Prize posthumously.

Vicki will speak at the event, one of he first public speeches since her husband passed

Vicki and Ted Kennedy