Fans of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin have urged the reality TV star to join the race for the White House, as they prepare to run an ad on a local Iowa station.

Palin first came to national prominence when she was announced as the running mate of John McCain during the 2008 presidential election.
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The mother-of-five announced in October that she did not intend to run for president. But supporters at Conservatives 4 Palin are hopeful she will change her mind.

The ad called ‘The Challenge’ concludes with the crowd chanting "Run Sarah Run" after Palin speaks of the need for "sudden and relentless reform" to "return power to we the people."

It  is due to run this week in Sioux City, Iowa at a cost of $6,500, the Associated Press reports.

The ad has not been broadcast in the public domain yet. Here is a clip of  Fox & Friends talking About C4P's upcoming ad: