Sarah Palin, in her first television appearance since the release of 25,000 emails from her term as Alaska governor, told the press this week she hopes the American public learned the truth about her from her '"benign and boring" messages.

Talking to Fox Business Network’s 'Freedom Watch' on Thursday, Palin suggested she might enjoy being a 2012 presidential contender. if only "to give the White House fits."

"I would love to stir it up even more and get the electorate to really start thinking about what the solutions are to these great challenges facing America and how it is that we're going to create jobs, how it is that we're going to get this economy back on the right track."

Palin did not indicate what her personal plan was to create jobs or get the economy back on the right track.



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Palin also took the opportunity to discuss former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s resignation on Thursday, saying he made himself "impotent" by spreading lewd photos on the Internet. 

"Anthony Weiner, from henceforth after his personal indiscretions were disclosed, he was going to be rendered impotent basically in Congress and he wasn’t going to be effective," Palin said. "So obviously resigning was the right thing to do. Day late dollar short, though. I think he should have resigned when all of this came to light."

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