Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti Davis, has said that her father would have supported gay marriage and been “puzzled” by the opposition to same-sex marriage.

In direct opposition to her brother’s dramatically stated beliefs that gay marriage will lead to polygamy, bestiality and murder, Patti talked about her father’s “distaste for government intrusion into private lives” and his strong friendship with a lesbian couple whom his children affectionately termed as their aunts as reasons why he would have supported gay marriage.

Although Davis noted that “as a straight man and an old-fashioned man," her father would not have been able to fully understand being homosexual, he also “did not believe that gayness was a choice."

"I don't think he would've stand in the way of [gay marriage] at all...I don't think he would stand in the way of two people wanting to make a commitment to one another," she told Howard Bragman of Gwist TV.

Michael Reagan recently responded to Davis’ comments, saying that his "father gets dragged into too many" present-day political discussions and refusing the idea that his father would have supported same-sex marriage: "Back in the 1980s when he was president, no, he wouldn’t have [supported gay marriage] … It’s easy to say he would do or not do something when he’s not here to answer,” the Huffington Post reports.

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