Robert F Kennedy's wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy,  has been charged with driving under the influence just one month after her license was suspended having pleaded guilty to driving while impaired by alcohol.

New York state police reported that she was pulled over on Saturday morning for speeding on the Taconic State Parkway in Dutchess County, in the Hudson Valley. They would not divulge how fast she was going or what the sobriety test revealed, said the Associated Press.

The Journal News, a local newspaper, reported that Kennedy had been driving at 82 miles per hour on her way to a yoga class.

Having been arrested she was brought to the police barracks at Millbrook. A drug recognition expert at the barracks determined that she was under the influence of a prescription medication.

She will appear in court for her primary hearing on Thursday.

Kerry Lawrence, Kennedy's lawyer, said "We look forward to defending the charges against Miss Richardson Kennedy."

She was first arrested on May 15 for driving while intoxicated. A police officer saw her driver her car up on to the curb near their Bedford home. Her blood alcohol level was recorded as 0.11 percent. She avoided spending time in jail by pleading guilty to a lesser crime.

The judge fined her $500 and suspended her license for 90 days. She was also instructed to attend two drunken-driving programs.

Last weekend Kennedy was driving with a conditional license that was issued on the August 12 when her suspension was lifted.

Her previous arrest came just three days after Robert F. Kennedy filmed for matrimonial action with the County clerk's office, naming Kennedy as defendant. It is believed that he has filed for divorce. Both parties have declined to comment.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Mary Richardson Kennedy