The list of the richest Irish citizens alive is out and there is much new information and surprising new members of the most exclusive club.

Ireland’s richest citizens have been named in the Irish edition of the London Sunday Times, and the big move is the leap to Number 2 by the Collison Brothers of SIlicon Valley and Stripe fame.

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Their wealth is valued at 5 billion euro (add about 13 percent for dollar amount.) Just 30 and 28 respectively, we can expect Patrick and John to dominate this list for years to come especially when Stripe is made public.

Liam Neeson. Credit: Getty Images

Liam Neeson. Credit: Getty Images

Richest Irish citizen is Hillary Weston of the Weston family which owns Primark, among other major retailers. Dublin-born, her Canadian family wealth is estimated at 12 billion.

If it is celebrity wealth you are looking for, U2 top the list at 642 million. Roma Downey is at 443 million, while Michael Flatley is worth 232 million.

Golfer Rory McIlroy has a worth of 157 million, and Enya is worth 119 million.

Rory McIlroy. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Rory McIlroy. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Liam Neeson, the Hollywood star, is at 117 million, while (Notorious) Conor McGregor is at 115 million.

Riverdance founders Moya Doherty and John McColgan check in at 99 million; Pierce Brosnan is worth a not too shabby 75 million.

Van Morrison is worth 64 million. Bob Geldof and golfer Pdraig Harrington are worth 57 million each.



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Here are some of the key names, their standing on the list and their estimated net worth:

2. Collison Brothers 5 billion
6. Denis O'Brien (Digiserve founder, media magnate) 2.1 billion 
12. J.P McManus (Gambler, currency trader) 1.5 billion 
19. Michael O’Leary (Ryanair CEO) 865 million 
24. U2 642 million
34. Mark Burnett, Roma Downey 443 million
62. Michael Flatley 232 million
67. Liam Casey (Silicon Valley PCH) 220 million 
93. Angela Moore (Major donor to Ireland Funds)170 million 
101. Rory McIlroy 157 million
106. Bart Murphy (Irish-born San Francisco real estate magnate, lawyer) 150 million 
111. Paul McGuinness (Ex U2 manager) 145 million 
138. Enya 119 million
145. Liam Neeson 117 million
149. Conor McGregor 115 Million
171. Moya Doherty, John McColgan (Riverdance founders) 99 million
231. Pierce Brosnan 75 million
248. Irial Finan (Roscommon-born ex Coke top management) 71 million 
272. Van Morrison 64 million
296. Bob Geldolf, Padraig Harrington (EQUAL) 57 million

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