The ESB has described a Red Bull stunt that saw three skydivers flying through Dublin's Poolbeg chimneys as a "serious safety incident," stating that it did not give permission for the stunt to take place. 

Marco Fürst, Marco Waltenspiel, and Max Manow reached a top speed of 253km/r while flying through the chimneys during the "first-ever wingsuit flight through Dublin's most iconic landmark," Red Bull said in a post on social media. 

Wingsuit flying is described as an extreme sport involving a nylon webbing-sleeved jumpsuit that allows for gliding rather than just freefall. 

Friday's flight took just over one minute to complete, with the trio jumping from a helicopter 1,280 meters above Dublin Bay. 

All three skydivers safely deployed parachutes and landed on Shelly Banks Beach. 

Dublin, like you’ve never seen it before 🪂 🤩 🇮🇪

The Red Bull Skydive Team completed the first-ever wing suit flight through Dublin’s most iconic landmark, the Poolbeg Chimneys at 253 km/h 🔥 👏

🪂: Marco Fuerst , Marco Waltenspiel & Max Manow#RedBull #GivesYouWiiings

— Red Bull Ireland (@redbullIRE) May 31, 2024

However, the ESB said it was not approached about the flight, adding that it did not grant permission. 

Although the Poolbeg chimneys are no longer in use, they are "part of an operational site with regular maintenance and works being carried out", the ESB said in a statement. 

The statement added that work is currently ongoing on one of the chimneys, with steeplejacks currently working on one of the structures. 

"There was potential for a very serious safety incident for the skydivers involved, as well as the workers on the chimney," the ESB said in a statement. 

"ESB take this incident very seriously and have raised this safety incident with the Irish Aviation Authority and the Health and Safety Authority." 

In response, Red Bull said the flight was carried out with "rigorous safety measures" in place and with permission from the relevant authorities, including the Irish Aviation Authority and Air Traffic Control.