A stunning “Gone in 60 Seconds” style heist has stunned the New York Police Department and left Commissioner Ray Kelly believing in magic as seven luxury motorcycles have been stolen from a police facility.

This summer, the NYPD smashed an international bike theft ring and snagged a haul of 63 vehicles with price tags running over $500,000. These seven luxury bikes, which were being held at NYPD’s Auto Crime and Narcotics Division, at 500 Abbott Street, in the Bronx.

The motorcycles were held in box truck, on a dead end block on the Bronx and Mount Vernon border. The lot has a security guard and a booth at the entrance. The box truck was left behind.

According to DNAInfo.com, the NYPD are conducting an Internal Affairs investigation.

One source said it was unclear how the thieves made off with the bikes without being spotted.

During the summer, the Police Commissioner said at a press conference, “These criminals have a magic act… They would make motorcycles disappear and guns appear on the streets of our city.”

He said, “The streets [of New York] served as an outdoor showroom where the crews went shopping.”

Regarding the recent theft of the seven bikes in the Bronx a source said that it is likely the international bike trafficking ring tracked the bikes via GPS devices and found them in the Bronx.

One source speculated that remnants of the international bike trafficking ring tracked their bikes via GPS devices on them to the Bronx site where they were vulnerable to be stolen again.

The initial 63 vehicle haul was the culmination of a 17-month multi-agency investigation by the NYPD Auto Crime Division and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Rackets Bureau which included several federal agencies.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray KellyReuters