A 35-year-old Irish American Queens teacher had sex with several of her teenaged male students.

Tara Driscoll
, a former English teacher at Law, Government and Community Service HS in Cambria Heights, pleaded guilty last June to having sex with a 16-year-old student at the Capri Lynbrook Motor Inn, a 15-minute drive from the school.

According to a report by schools investigator Richard Condon, the teacher also had sex with two other students at the school, reports the New York Post.

The report alleges that in October 2010, Driscoll sent flirtatious text messages to one of her male students then called him to her office. The boy told investigators that she locked the door and put a chair against the knob to secure it. They lay on the floor behind her desk, where she performed oral sex before they had intercourse.

Another boy claims he visited her school office in December 2010 where she locked the door and performed oral sex on him.

Her illicit activities were discovered by the girlfriend of one of the boys, after she found sexually explicit texts from Driscoll on the boy's phone.

“I will f--k you hard like a teacher,” one allegedly read.

She and other girls confronted the teacher.

“I did not mean to, I am lonely, and f--ked up . . . You can beat me up right now,” cried Driscoll, one girl told investigators. She cried she “needed someone to love,” and “My mom is dying” of cancer.

Driscoll, who made $56,700 a year, also offered money to keep them quiet.

“I can give you $300 right now . . . I will give you my paycheck for it to go away,” one student quoted her as saying.

The girls refused the money and “left the room disgusted,” the report says. They didn’t tell officials because Driscoll vowed not to do it again.

On March 19, 2011, Driscoll drove the 16-year-old to the motel, where she videotaped their sex acts before driving him home. The report says she later bought him a $300 pair of Nike Pewter sneaker because "she was worried about getting into trouble."

In May, an employee at another school heard about Driscoll's misconduct from another girl and alerted the authorities.

Driscoll was initially charged with rape, then copped to a misdemeanor sex-misconduct charge under a Nassau County plea deal last year. She was put on probation for six years and her teacher's license was revoked. Her probation report noted "a severe problem with alcohol."

Driscoll had to register as a Level 1 sex offender and move from her Bay Shore home that was close to the school.

New report shows Tara Driscoll, a former English teacher at Law, Government and Community Service HS in Cambria Heights, had sex with several male students.Google Images