Ross Hamilton, the son of the late Fr Michael Cleary, has appeared in court on drugs and assault charges, according to the Herald.

Fr Michael Cleary, who was a TV and radio show host and released albums as the ‘Singing Priest,’ was one of Ireland’s best-known priests. Hamilton was identified through DNA tests as the son of the cleric in 1998.

His mother Phyllis Hamilton had a 26- year relationship with Cleary after meeting him in 1967. They had a child who was given up for adoption. Ross, who was their second son, grew up with his parents in a Church-owned house in Dublin.

After Cleary’s death in 1993, Phyllis Hamilton wrote a tell-all book in response to the rumors that the priest had a son. She died in 2001.

The 33-year-old actor and model was charged with possession of cannabis, assault causing harm, public drunkenness and using threatening behavior following an alleged incident at Prospect Way, Glasnevin on October 1.

Hamilton is also charged with violent behavior at Mountjoy Garda Station on the same date. The case is adjourned until November. Hamilton is out on bail.

Hamilton shares a house with 46-year-old socialite Antonia Leslie. She insists the two are “just good friends” and refused to comment on his assault charges.