David Norris, an Irish civil rights campaigner and independent politician, has hired a communications expert to assist him in becoming the next President of Ireland.

Norris, who announced his interest in the position earlier this year, has hired David McCarthy of McCarthy Consulting Firm, a Co. Cork based communications company.

McCarthy’s title; Regional director of the David Norris for President Campaign.

McCarthy was instrumental in getting Kathy Sinnot elected to the Irish parliament and Sean Kelly as MP.

Although presidential nominations don’t close until November 2011, McCarthy has said publicly that his new client will hit the ground running.

"We felt we had to start early, because it’s harder for an independent to get a nomination, but certainly not impossible," he said.

"Also the Senator doesn’t have a constituency as such, as he was elected to the Seanad through his university background. For him to get on the ballot, he will need to get backed by 20 Oireachtas members or four county councils. We will examine which of these routes to take further down the line.

"My position will be to build his campaign and to pick out strategic regions to target."