An unemployed father-of-two has advertised himself with a sandwich board on a busy Dublin roadside.

Paul Grierosu (27) who is originally from Romania, but living in Dublin, told the Evening Herald, he has been unemployed since losing his job in January 2011.

Standing outside the RDS arena, his large black and white sign states “Please give me a job!!!,  ask me for a CV, thank you”.

"I have worked in many places -- in construction, in kitchens, in warehouses," he told the newspaper.

"I am on social welfare but I hate it," he added.

"I have been walking around every day, placing my CV in companies in industrial estates all around the city. I have been registering with my local employment officer and going to agencies that help you find a job. But all I have received is letters saying, 'thank you for your application, we don't need anyone at the moment, but we will keep your CV on file'. I don't want to stay on social welfare forever."

The Lucan resident told the Evening Herald he got the idea after a person in Britain landed a job after standing with a sandwich board for four-days.

"I said, 'I have to try this'. I won't give up until I get a job."

His wife Adriana is also looking for work: "she's looking for a job as well. She was working with a company who investigated insurance claims," adding, "but she has also been working as a cleaner."

Paul Grierosu (27) wears a sandwich board outside the RDS in DublinIrish Times