A Dublin-based movie producer visited the Boston area last week to scout for film locations for a new TV movie based “very loosely” on the rise and fall of form Irish Anglo Bank boss David Drumm.

Founder of Soho Moon Pictures, James Mitchell, has confirmed that the movie would air next year. Filming locations will include Chatham, in Cape Cod, where Drumm lived having fled Ireland during the banking scandal.

Mitchell told Cape Cod online that he has an agreement with “an Irish television station” to air the movie. He admitted that an agreement not to discuss Drumm’s days in bankruptcy court altered his approach to the movie.

The filmmaker had planned to base much of the movie from the details which emerged during the bankruptcy trial. Now Mitchell has come over to Boston to find out where Drumm is now.

Mitchell finds Drumm’s decision to leave Ireland in the midst of the banking scandal and economic collapse intriguing.

He said, “Because he left the country, there is a perception of a scapegoat.”

Mitchell plans to tell Drumm’s story from his humble roots, as one of eight children and the son of a truck driver.

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Drumm was the CEO of Anglo Irish Bank from 2005 until December 2008. He resigned from his position one month after Anglo was nationalized by the Irish government.

After he resigned, the bank filed a suit seeking to recoup millions. Drumm filed a countersuit in Ireland. As the case headed to trial in Ireland Drumm filed for bankruptcy protection in Boston.

This stopped the Irish court cases.

This May, Drumm made a deal in court that he would not be asked about his actions as Anglo Irish Bank’s CEO during the hearings.

In 2009 Drumm and his family moved into their luxury vacation home in Chatham. He lived there for several months before moving to the Boston suburb of Wellesley. The family have since moved again.

The former CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, David DrummGoogle Images