Eileen Moore, the aunt of 15-year-old Irish schoolgirl Phoebe Prince who took her own life after months of abuse at the hands of her fellow students, has written a fable about the toll of bullying.

Moore hopes that people will learn from her niece’s suicide. Her story, called 'A Gentle Reminder,' is one Moore began years ago as a freshman at Framingham State College, when she was asked to write about the most important lesson of her life.

Moore told The Springfield Republican this week that she wrote a children’s tale about a developmentally disabled boy she knew growing up in Natick, Massachusetts, who was ridiculed by other children because he was convinced a movie was going to appear in the night sky.

Moore amended the story in the wake of Prince’s January 14 suicide to reflect on the months of bullying by a half-dozen South Hadley High School students who are now facing criminal charges.

“As people began asking themselves how this could have happened, the torment this beautiful girl endured by others began to come to light,” wrote Moore, 53. “It was more than her fragile soul could bear.”

Moore said she hopes the story will resonate with at least one person.

“I feel compelled to say something because it is an opportunity to make change and bring awareness,” she told The Republican. “You can be cruel. It’s always important to be aware of other people’s challenges in life.”

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