The Irish bar in which missing West Chester University student Shane Montgomery was last seen has added $10,000 to a reward, bringing the total to $30,000.

Montgomery, who has a Celtic cross tattoo on his shoulder, left the Kildare pub early on Thanksgiving morning and has not been seen since.

Jim Townsend, the Director of Operations of Kildare's Restaurants, said the young man was not inebriated in the bar and had a tab of only $17.

He says it was 1:50am when a relative who worked at Kildare's escorted Shane to the front door.

"Other than the front door staff, Shane did not have any interaction with any other management or security staff or cause a disruption as he left the restaurant. He was respectful and left the [premises] on his own."

A statement from Kildare's also reads in part: "At Kildare's Restaurants we take every aspect of customer service and safety very seriously. The disappearance of Shane Montgomery is extremely upsetting to our staff and management, this hits home for us because one of Shane's family members is an employee at Kildare's Manayunk."

Also the Raptis family, who owns The Grog Grill in Bryn Mawr, pledged another $5,000 towards the reward money.

“Finding Shane Montgomery is a community effort and that community is not just confined to Manayunk,” owner Ari Raptis told CBS.

The FBI have become involved and are studying closed circuit cameras along the probable route he walked.

They have re-interviewed friends and have had some take lie detector tests.

J.J. Klaver from the FBI explained "What makes this rise to the level of suspicious circumstances is the fact that there is no reason to believe that Shane would have just disappeared like this. There is no reason to believe he would just leave and break contact with family and friends."

A ping from Montgomery's cell phone was picked up near the CVS Pharmacy on Main Street, about an hour after he left.

Shane is described as a 5’11 white male, weighing around 135 pounds with a Celtic cross tattooed on his back. He was last seen wearing a grey shirt.

Karen Montgomery, Shane's mother, told local media "He is not that inconsiderate and he would be in touch with me by now if he could."

Anyone with information is urged to contact authorities at 215-686-3353/3354.