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Pedophile and former priest Tony Murphy had his face slashed by a fellow inmate in the Midland’s Prison.
According to the Irish Daily Star Walsh was attacked by the inmate when he was on his way back to his cell having attended Mass on Sunday morning. The reports claim that he was cut from his ear to his cheek.
He was rushed to hospital from the Portlaoise prison and received 12 stitches. It is believed that he was unable to indentify his attacker.
The former priest dubbed “Fr Filth” was the focus of the recently released Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report, which focused on the clerical abuse in Dublin. This chapter of the report was only cleared for publication in December when Walsh was convicted of 17 counts of sexual abuse.
The report outlined various allegations including one from an eight-year-old boy which occurred just two days after Walsh had been ordained in 1978.
He was defrocked in 1989. Four years earlier he had openly admitted his conduct to his colleagues. Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said Walsh “should not have been allowed to stay in ministry one day longer.”