On Thursday’s Sean Hannity Show radio program, host Sean Hannity discussed the ‘Gang of 8’ immigration reform bill with conservative commentator and author Pat Buchanan.

After Hannity summarized several of Senator Marco Rubio‘s pitch points concerning the bill, Buchanan challenged them, saying:

“As soon as this bill passes, every illegal alien in this country is going to know he’s not going to be apprehended, he’s not going to be sent back, there won’t be ‘going after’ the businesses that hired him – they’re basically home free. And when that happens, that message is going to go out to the world and we will have, in effect, the second de-facto amnesty… and you’re going to get another stampede to the American border. People around the world will say: ‘The American people are incapable of defending the borders of the United States – if you want to go there, get in there, keep your nose clean, and you become a citizen, you can cut right ahead of the line because millions and millions have already done it,’ mediaite.com reports.

Buchanan, who ran for president in 1993, complained about how the immigration problem was already rampant at that time but that nothing has been done since resulting in millions more undocumented immigrants.  When Hannity noted that we still have 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants even if the immigration bill is not passed, mediaite reveals that Buchanan responded by saying, “Why do you have to do anything? What is this nonsense that ‘they’re in the shadows’? With due respect, they ought to be in the shadows! They’ve broken the law to get into the country…. Do nothing!… You [the Republican party] don’t have bribe, you don’t have to give up your principled positions… in order to get Barack Obama to do his duty and defend the border!”

When Hannity talked about preventing a third wave [of illegal immigration], Buchanan interrupted, “Let me tell you what’s gonna happen next: these folks that are on the [bill's] 10-year path to citizenship, once that’s taken care of the Democrats will say: ‘Well that’s outrageous, we ought to cut it to five years,’ Republicans will oppose it, and they’ll say; ‘You all are anti-Hispanic’ and the Republicans will capitulate again.”

Hannity disagreed, noting that the problem he has is that the border is the “number one, national security vulnerability this country has and nobody is dealing with it from that standpoint.” Buchanan added the problem is not only that but also our “enormously generous social welfare system,” with “scores” of federal programs: “You got half the American people are now federal beneficiaries [with another] half paying no income taxes…. Most [undocumented immigrants] are very poor, they’re going to wind up on that welfare system and the deficit’s gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Hannity agreed with Buchanan’s view, cautioning that even though [the bill's proponents] are claiming that won’t happen in the end what will be said is: “You don’t want to pay for poor children? They’re hungry, you’re going to deny them food?” with Buchanan agreeing with the scenario, adding: “Who’s going to deny them food stamps!”


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