A County Louth parish bulletin has likened Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to Adolf Hitler after his attack on the Vatican in the wake of the Cloyne Report.

Kenny was heavily critical of the Holy See and the Pope after the report criticized the church’s response to child sex abuse claims in the Cork diocese.

Parishioners in the Louth village of Togher were told in their latest parish bulletin that the last European leader to make such an attack on the Vatican was Adolf Hitler.

The article, written under the headline ‘Heil Herr Kenny’ in the parish bulletin, is believed to have been written by parish priest Fr Thomas Daly. He is refusing to talk to reporters.

It stated: “Perhaps he [Enda Kenny] might also keep in mind that the profile of Knock was hugely raised by the visit of a former Pope [John Paul II] to the shrine in 1979.
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“If history teaches us one lesson, it must surely be a call to be careful about the canonization of political leaders. Even Hitler had to face that reality. A cautionary tale.”

The bulletin also questions the reaction to Kenny’s speech which has been acclaimed across the world.

“His Dáil speech was greeted with shouts of jubilation by almost every journalist and TV pundit in the country,” stated the article.

“Is this the new Ireland? Is this the fulfillment of the dreams of the founding fathers? ‘No Pope here’. Is this the way forward for a new and better Ireland?”

Prime Minister Kenny was asked to comment on the Hitler allegation following his round of golf with US Open champion Rory McIlroy at the Irish Open pro-am in Kerry.

“He should come to Killarney,” said Kenny. “That comment doesn’t deserve the dignity of a response from me.”