Father Thomas Daley  an Irish parish priest  was forced to apologize for comparing Prime Minister Enda Kenny to Adolf Hiter.

The name-calling came in a parish bulletin entiled “ Heil Herr Kenny” and happened after Kenny criticized the Vatican for allowing the numerous sex scandals to be kept under wraps.

Daly’s formal apology was: "I regret the headline and for the misunderstandings that might have arisen out of it. I am not comparing Enda Kenny to Hitler,”,the priest from a rural parish in County Louth stated.

In a major speech last week Kenny  had accused the Holy See of ‘downplaying the rape and torture of children,’ He also said that the Cloyne report on clerical abuse in a Cork diocese "revealed an attempt by the Holy See to frustrate an inquiry into child sex abuse just three years ago."

In response to such accusations, Daly published a parish bulleti entitled “Heil Herr Kenny” and passed it out to the members of the Togher Parish near  Drogheda, Co. Louth.  In the report, the priest expressed his discontent about how Kenny dared to speak about the pope in such a way.

He wrote that the last European leader to attack the pope was “the ruthless German dictator Adolf Hitler." He continued that Kenny must “face reality. ..a cautionary tale," just like Hitler had to do.

After the leaflet was released, the Fine Gael party (of which Kenny is a member) released a complaint and the apology followed..
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