Fancy a bet on baby?

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a series of bets on the new royal baby, including the favored baby names.

Favorite baby names in the odds are Frances and John at 9/1, with Charles, Victoria and George following behind at 10/1

Diana has been given odds of 12/1 -- one can imagine Charles and Camilla’s faces if that is the choice.

No odds on the baby being called Camilla either...hmm.

I guess it won’t be Moon Unit or  Track or Trig like Sarah Palin’s.

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King Track or Princess Trig doesn’t sound right.

Amazingly, the odds of it being a boy or girl are even money—no bets on transgender.

Even the color hair is up for betting. Brown is favorite at 6/4 -- place four dollars to win six, blonde is 2/1, black 5/2 and red like Prince Harry 8/1.

What if it is sandy or too close to call on whether it is brown or black? Well, never mind.

Day of the week the baby is born? You can have 6/1 on guessing that.

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Godparents are also open to betting. Prince Harry is even money  for the Godfather role, while divine behind Pippa is favorite for the role of the Godmother. No odds on Camilla for ugly step grandmother.

The Daily Telegraph's lead story today “Could it be twins?” Paddy Power puts the odds at 8/1 for that. Triplets are 100/1. And quads or more? 500/1.

No odds on how long Kate’s morning sickness will go on though.