Barack Obama’s eighth cousin, Henry Healy (26) has been bombarded with female attention since making headlines across the world earlier in the month when he finally met his long lost cousin.

Healy’s mother told the Irish Sun women from every corner of the world were looking for her son.

“There was a busload of Japanese tourist this morning and there were Americans here earlier, too, looking for Henry,” she saidDuring his presidential visit Obama made a special effort to meet his eighth cousin, greeting him with a hug before enjoying a pint with him in the local bar. First lady Michelle Obama also gave her in law a warm embrace before greeting the gathered crowds.

Ollie Hayes, the owner of the Moneygall bar where Obama enjoyed a pint of Guinness told the Irish Sun a lot of people have been very interested to meet Healy, who works as a accountant.

“There has been a fair bit of interest in Henry.”

Hayes said the female interest is a good thing for the single Moneygall men: “It was about time he got a woman. Hopefully this will lead to something. Every man needs a good woman.”

The Offaly village has seen a steady number of tourists coming to the village since Obama’s visit.

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