READ MORE- Samantha Power to be the next Secretary of State?

Key Obama advisor, Irish-born Samantha Power was been labeled unpatriotic and an ‘anti Israeli fanatic” by a conservative political commentator.

In a blog for The Patriot Post, Ben Shapiro describes Power as “an anti-Israel fanatic” and a “myopic internationalist who couldn't care less about doing what is right for America.”

Power currently one of Obama’s key advisers on foreign policy has been tipped to replace Hillary Clinton as new Secretary of State, when she steps down.

Shapiro , a syndicated columnist, who runs a legal consultancy firm based in LA describes Power as  “leftist”, “radical” and “a know-nothing liberal” adding that her book "A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide,"  implicates the U.S. in most of the genocides of the 20th century.

“Pleasing the Arab street seems to be first priority for Power,” says the political commentator who adds that Power has ignored human rights abuses in the Israel-Palestinian conflict by Palestinian Arabs.

On long-term American policy, Shapiro says that Power is “at best, an ignoramus” adding that she uses her views on human rights as a “club to wield against America itself.”

He concludes that her “asinine” ideas potentially have a “disastrous real-world consequences”

READ MORE- Samantha Power to be the next Secretary of State?