IrishCentral has learned that President Barack Obama will go to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware shortly to be present when the coffins of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan are brought back.

Obama will be marking a clear point of difference between him and President Bush who refused to allow filming of soldier's coffins returning  and also was never present when the bodies were flown back.

October has been the worst month for casualties so far for American troops with 55 dying so far. Twenty-two of them have been killed in recent days.

The president has still not announced his future plans for troop levels in Afghanistan but a gesture in going to see the coffins arrive  will be seen as a clear indication  of how important the issue is to him.

Since pictures of returning coffins of U.S. service men from Vietnam inflamed anti war passions U.S. presidents have been deeply aware of the significance of the return of those who died on the battlefield.

President Obama has now  made clear he is fully aware of the significance of the event.