The resignation of Greg Craig as White House counsel is a sad day for civil liberties in America. Craig, who was a member of the Irish Voice Legal 100 group this year, was a fearless proponent of exposing those who ordered torture of prisoners in American custody.

The first set of torture abuse photos got out because of Greg Craig and no one else. Isn’t it interesting that his resignation is followed by a major publicity offensive about the upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed  and those from  9/11?

But with Craig gone there will be no trials of those who can seek to prove they were tortured by American forces while being held. Obama has done the clever but not the right thing .

Why is Obama not willing to give all the Guantanamo prisoners their day in court and let them speak about what has happened to them as we
prove or disprove that they are terrorists and were or were not tortured?

That is the American way and sadly, Obama, despite having the senate, congress and White House is afraid to go down that route.

Instead, a Democratic administration is ousting a man who wants to uphold the moral values of this nation. Where is the accountability we
were promised?

Mohammed and his ilk are obviously very bad people but the fact remains that there may be innocent people left behind in Guantanamo
who may never have a fair trial. Is this truly the American way?

No it is not and we should be mad about that.