Police Officer Brian Moore from a Long Island Irish police family died this morning two days after he was gunned down by a convicted felon.

Moore, 25-years old from Massapequa, Long Island, was on plain clothes duty last Saturday night, May 2nd, when he and his partner saw a suspect, Demetrius Blackwell acting suspiciously near Queens village.   

Blackwell is now expected to face a murder charge for allegedly shooting Officer Moore having previously spent eight years in prison for the same offfense. 

They pulled their car in behind him but Blackwell opened fire before they had a chance to question him.

A bullet went through Officer Moore’s cheek and exited through the back of his head.

Police Chief WIlliam Bratton said the downed officer did not have a chance.

Bratton said that without warning, Blackwell whipped out a gun and squeezed off at least two rounds into Moore’s car, Bratton said.

“He immediately opened fire on them before they had time to get out of the vehicle,” Bratton stated  at a Saturday night press conference.

“They were gonna stop him and he just opened up on them,”  a police source told the NY Daily News.

Officer Moore was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in critical but stable condition and a neurosurgeon praised local police at the scene who administered critical first aid.

Dr. Elly Kleinman, the supervising chief surgeon of the Police Department, said quick work by the the first responding patrol car and a team of neurosurgeons had helped them confront a “life-threatening situation.”

Moore has since lost his life as a result of his injuries. 

Blackwell was arraigned on Sunday evening and now faces charges including two counts of attempted murder of a police officer. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio held a press conference and called the shooting an “unconscionable act of violence” and “a reminder of the dangers that all of our officers face every single day.”

The New York Times reported that Officer Moore “appeared to have been shot in the left cheek and the bullet went out the right side of his head, toward the back of the head” 

Moore’s father and uncle are both retired NYPD sergeants and there are other family connections to law enforcement. He had planned to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight after his shift had ended family members said. Instead he was fighting for his life.