Valentine’s Day lovers in Ireland are in for a real treat with the Northern Lights expected to make a very rare appearance all over Ireland on February 14th.

A solar storm has allowed residents of Donegal to see the aurora borealis this winter but a new eruption from the sun is due to arrive on earth on Valentine’s Day.

David Moore of Astronomy Ireland stated the chances are excellent that the lights will be visible throughout Ireland for the first time in generations.


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He explained that a coronal mass ejection  or solar storm  is due to arrive at Earth between February 13 and 14.

Moore says the aurora borealis “will appear as an unusual glow,” and if it is a clear night should be visible everywhere.

Tens of thousands of Irish had flocked to Donegal in January to see the lights and were not disappointed.

Last month, the lights were also visible, resulting in some beautiful photographs taken in Donegal in particular.

Moore stated that the lights will also be seen next year as the prime of the sun’s 11 year cycle of solar storms hit.