Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson has stepped out in support of the longstanding ‘Save Lennox’ efforts, but admits that his position as a politician does not grant him power to intervene with the case.

UTV reports that the First Minister took to Twitter to respond to the thousands who had called upon him to intervene in the case. Save Lennox efforts began in 2010 when a pit bull-type dog was impounded and ordered to be destroyed.

Lennox’s owner Caroline Barnes has since engaged in legal battle in order to have the decision overturned, but the rulings have yet to go in her favor. Her lawyers have argued that Lennox has never harmed anyone, and should not be deemed a threat.

Tuesday’s appeal was Barnes’ final chance to save Lennox, but Lord Justice Girvan agreed with the County Court judge's ruling that the dog could not be made safe and must be destroyed.

Thousands of supporters worldwide have called for the decision to be overturned and have taken to signing petitions, including one that sought to boycott Belfast. DUP leader Peter Robinson was also “inundated” with requests to help save Lennox.

Under the Twitter handle @DUPLeader, Peter Robinson shared his thoughts about the case.

“#savelennox As a dog lover I am very unhappy with the outcome of this case. I was involved in a similar case before in Castlereagh.”

"In the Castlereagh case, we succeeded in stopping it going to court. As soon as it does, it is out of the hands of politicians."

"We are bound by the principle of the separation of powers. Politicians have no power to interfere with decisions of the courts."

"It's not a political view. It's a legal fact."

North Ireland's First Minister Peter RobinsonPaul Faith/PA