Another new opinion poll has confirmed that Fine Gael is firmly on course to lead the next government, after a recent Irish Times poll found the same pattern.

The poll is in the Sunday Business Post, and it shows that the main opposition party is at 34 percent with one in three voters saying they will vote for the party led by Enda Kenny.

Sinn Fein is the big mover in the poll up three points to 14 percent support, just three behind the current lead party in government, Fianna Fail, who are at just 17 percent, down from 44 percent in the last election.

The Labor Party appears to be losing votes to Sinn Fein as they slip four points to 23 percent.

The Green Party, the minority party in government, is at 2 percent while independents, mostly left wing candidates, are at 11 percent.

The new poll shows that both the Sunday Business Post and The Irish Times pollsters are now roughly in agreement how they calculate the relative strengths of the major parties. There had been a divergence on the strength of the Labor support as well as that of Fianna Fail.