In Dublin's fair city, where the streets are so........ Oh never mind! You get the point.

New by-laws in Dublin mean that horses in the city center will have to wear diapers.

The carriage drivers will have to attach the so-called dung-catchers to the rear of the horse in a bid to keep areas such as St. Stephen’s Green and the Guinness Store House clean.

The same sanitary regulations have caused huge rows in Killarney where jarveys have refused to fit the sanitary devices.

Officials at Killarney National Park say the animals must be fitted with the bags when transporting tourists and now the jarvies have been picketing around the National Park.

New regulations in Dublin will also mean that the drivers will have to renew and pay a fee for their licence every year.

They also contain conditions referring to insurance, the physical competence of the drivers and the welfare of the horse.

No word on what the horse actually thinks of having to wear these contraptions!


In Dublin's Fair City: Our horse is kitted out in a nice green diaper for St Patrick's Day