A new app, the “Irish Family Ancestry App,” is now available to download from Apple’s App Store. The app allows users to search their family name to quickly find a wealth of information about their heritage, such as name meaning, motto, family history, and their coat of arms.
The app’s developers, Steinbock Applications, a Swiss software studio, worked with the Irish Ancestry experts at Araltas (based in Athlone) to create the app.
The innovative app allows users to easily search for and read about their family’s heritage.
“It’s a neat little app that’s easy to use, just enter your name and you’re done. It’s a starting point for users who are interested in their Irish ancestry, but also contains quite a bit of expert information too,” said Duncan Geoghegan, one of the developers who worked on the application.
“I used the app for my own name too – it was pretty interesting reading about my family’s history”.
Irish Family Ancestry is part of a growing trend in apps opening up access to rich information to consumers for free.
Steinbock Applications believe that the appeal of the application lies in its price and ease of use, “The Irish Family Ancestry App is completely free, with absolutely no additional charges later on. Just download, open and start learning.”

For further information about Irish Family Ancestry, visit - IrishAncestryApp.com.