The mystery of who placed a huge billboard on a Dublin highway reading that “Golf is just a passport for a dirty weekend away with the lads..Wake up girls ..a Naive Wife ” still remains.

The sign is near Dublin Airport on a very busy highway and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters, many who stop and take pictures of it. It has gone viral on the Internet as people try to discover who put it up there.

Was it a golf widow who was cheated on with another birdie or is it all some kind of advertising campaign yet to be revealed?



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The original owners of the trailer whose name is still on it denied any knowledge of the content of the billboard saying they had sold the trailer years ago to an unspecified customer.

A spokeswoman for Howarth Brothers haulage company said they had been contacted by  “every man and his dog from Ireland” to see who had placed the billboard ad but had “no idea what the story is behind the ad”.