The reclusive Irish-American heiress, Huguette Clark, changed her mind about who to leave her $400 million to, right before she died at age 104.

A new will, signed in March 2005, has been discovered, which shows that the New Yorker left a reported $5 million to her nurse and the remainder of her vast fortune to her 21 grand and great nieces and nephews.

However, in another will, signed by Clark a mere six weeks later, she left her nurse $35 million. Her lawyer and accountant received $500,000 and control of her multimillion foundation, while the remaining members of her family were entirely cut out.

The lawyer, Wallace Bock, and the accountant, Irving Kamsler, are now under investigation by the Manhattan’s DA office for their handling of the heiress’ affairs, the New York Post reports.

Clark’s family revealed details of the newly discovered will when they filed papers in a Manhattan Surrogate’s Court.
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“Before the court are substantial and gravely serious issues of alleged deceit, undue influence and exploitation of a very elderly and extraordinarily wealthy woman at the hands of two professionals who took control of her life, isolated her from her family, and ultimately stripped her of her free will, as well as millions of dollars,'' says the filing, which was posted on

Clark died last May at the age of 104, after spending the last two decades of her life in full-time care. Bock and Kamsler maintain they have simply carried out the millionaire's wishes.

The accounting showed “a total of approximately $170 million in disbursements over the 15-year period from [an account controlled by the pair] and Huguette’s personal account, i.e., approximately $1 million a month while Huguette was in the hospital,” the papers charge.

The filing also refutes Bock and Kamsler’s claims that they had little to no contact with the family. The relatives said that the two men blocked them from taking to Clark after 2005.

The court documents say that Clark has “remained true to her family” by “remaining in contact with certain of her relatives over the years, sharing events in their lives,”

In each of the 2005 wills, Bock and Kamsler are named as executors of Clark’s estate which could earn them millions in fees.

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