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Parish priest compares Irish leader to Adolf Hitler

A County Louth parish bulletin has likened Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to Adolf Hitler after his attack on the Vatican in the wake of the Cloyne Report...READ MORE

Glenn Beck defends Hitler Youth comments on Norway’s tragic massacre

U.S. conservative Glenn Beck defended his comparing of the teenagers at the Norwegian summer camp, where 68 young people were killed, to Nazi Germany’s Hitler Youth on his national radio show Tuesday...READ MORE

Top ten fabulous Irish American Hollywood actresses

Here at the Irish think tank we have compiled a list of Hollywood starlets who wow audiences with their good looks, talent and Irish roots…READ MORE

Reports claim underage sex case journalist Tom Humphries is close to death

Tom Humphries, the Irish journalist at the center of underage sex allegations, is close to death according to the latest newspaper reports... READ MORE

Finding hope in tragedy - three young lives cut short by horrific car crash

They are named Lynch and Galvin and Murphy and Mulhall and Malone.  Many of them are twentysomethings still in college or just completing college, and they live in Floral Park, a tight-knit section of Nassau County…READ MORE

Enda Kenny greets the press outside Irish government buildingsGoogle Images