A racy recording of a conversation between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski has emerged, in which the former White House intern tries to persuade the former president to meet her.

The National Enquirer obtained the never-before-heard audio tapes in which Lewinski attempts to seduce him by promising to take her “clothes off.”

Lewinsky, who turned 40 last week, tells Clinton during the recording that she is “too cute and adorable” to be ignored.

The magazine claims Lewinsky originally played the tape for Linda Tripp, the woman whose secret telephone tapes of Lewinsky ultimately led to Clinton’s impeachment on Nov. 20, 1997.

During the conversation Lewinski suggests she and the President could rendezvous for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever worked for him. Lewinsky is the only voice heard.

“I could take my clothes off and start. . . . I hope to see you later and I hope you will follow my script and do what I want,” Lewinsky says on tape, according to the unconfirmed report.

“Now the first thing that has to happen is that you need to preplan with Betty that you will leave the office at, I don’t know, at 7, 7:30, so that everyone else who hates me that causes me lots of trouble goes home,” she reportedly says on the tape to the 42nd President.

“Then you quickly sneak back and then in the meantime I quickly sneak over and then we can have a nice little visit for, you know, 15 minutes or half an hour,” Lewinsky proposes. “Whatever you want.”

Lewinsky also adds how their previous “60 seconds” encounter “was just not enough - even though you did look very handsome.”

“Maybe we could go over and watch a movie together and just have kind of, I don¹t know, boxed dinners or something like that,” she says.

“And then that way we don’t have to deal with the problem of me… of there being a record of me going upstairs and we can spend some time together and see a good movie.

“So I don’t know, those are two proposals and you can’t refuse me because I’m too cute and adorable and soon I won’t be here anymore to pop over.

“I’m hoping you will hear this and you will choose which one you want to do and go tell Betty and then she can call me and let me know so I don¹t have to stress out all day and I don¹t have to call her every two hours and bug her because, I know you will find this very hard to believe, but I can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

“I’m very persistent, but um… I really want to see you.”

The infamous intern made the three-minute, 47-second audio tape in November 1997.

The recording was made after the White House intern had already had sexual relations with the president and was thought to have been destroyed several years ago.

According to the Enquirer a copy of the tape was surreptitiously made by someone hired as a cleaner by people close to Lewinsky.

The Enquirer reports the emergence of the tape could torpedo Hillary’s expected run for the White House.