Irish weather fans have got their umbrellas in a twist – over claims that it failed to rain in Ireland for a full TWO days.

The well-known Dublin based website made the ‘outrageous’ claim on Saturday afternoon.

Within minutes, they had been subjected to a deluge of comments from readers watching the rain with their own eyes.

The website was reporting on the official rainfallradar from government weather service Met Eireannwhich said the country was dry as a bone.

But readers begged to differ.

The website updated its reports on Sunday when it admitted the ‘no rainfall’ claims may well have been premature after the wettest summer of recent years.

The site said: “Yesterday afternoon we brought you the startling news that there was no rain anywhere in Ireland, according to Met Eireann’s latest rainfall radar.

“Well, some of you got in touch to say it was currently pelting down where you were, but in general it seems like Ireland was having a pretty good day.

“It looks like we can cautiously say the same thing again today… IT IS NOT RAINING ANYWHERE IN IRELAND*

(*It may be raining in the odd place, apologies if that’s where you are.)

“Met Eireann is warning that the dreaded clouds are on their way back later this afternoon – you can see the rain creeping up towards the south-west – but for the moment, rejoice.”

Alas, rain was felt in parts of Ireland on Sunday.

And by Monday morning things were back to normal as the country awoke to grey skies and more tales of economic woe.