Michael Flatley has hung up his dancing shows and retired as the world’s greatest showman.

The Lord of the Dance has told the Sunday Independent that he is swapping the stage for the world of business.

Flatley has revealed that he has just turned down a multi-million dollar offer to tour America.

The man who made Irish dancing sexy is to concentrate instead on his booming business interests.

“I don’t see dancing in my future,” said the Chicago born superstar in an interview with the paper to promote the Cliffs of Moher in the forthcoming online selection of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

As part of his campaign, Flatley will host a Lord of the Dance spectacular at the Clare attraction at the start of September but his dancing days are over.

“Last time I danced it was for the Prince of Wales and Camilla at a private function at Buckingham Palace. That was in February. I’ve never danced at all since then,” he added.

Asked if he is done with dancing, Flatley replied: “Yes. I just got offered a big tour of America and Africa and I turned it down.

“I don’t miss it as I have other things going on now. I have a lot of other passions too. I’m not just a dancer. I’m an entertainer and I have some very interesting things on the horizon.

“I spend most of my day on the phone doing business. I am involved in a lot of other businesses as well, which all take a little nurturing and a lot of flying and a lot of time. I employ some 200 people at Unicorn entertainment alone.

“And on top of that I have a wife and a beautiful young son, I’m in heaven. I have great friends, I play a lot of golf, I love to spend time with Michael Jnr. Things are going really great for me now and I’m really happy.

“So never say never, but I can’t see it in my future right now.”

Instead, only his wife Niamh will be witness to Flatley’s dancing talents from now on.

Flatley revealed: “On Friday nights, I dance at home with my wife Niamh on our date night..

“I decant the wine, while she gets dressed. I put on a tux and pour myself a Martini and put on Sinatra.

“I don’t learn any new moves anymore. My life is so busy with several different businesses; you can’t find the time to do everything.”

Flatley also revealed the cost of maintaining his $40 million mansion at Castlehyde in North Cork.

“I have 32 full-time staff in total,” he said. “They are always here, whether I am or not. I spend most of my time away but they keep things running at home, kitchen staff, cleaners, but most of them work outside on the land.”

The dancer is determined to put the Cliff of Moher on top of the world in the forthcoming Seven Wonders of Nature vote.

He insisted: “My reason for inviting everyone was to help these people accomplish their goal. I want to promote Ireland and Irish interests and I feel these people are doing a wonderful thing.”


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