If you think you have seen big potholes well just listen to this yarn.

A massive pothole on a road in Donegal is so large that local election candidate Michael Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig was able to paddle a canoe in it.

Mac Giolla Easbuig told TheJournal.ie that the road in Arland is “almost impassible” for the ten families that live along it. 

“This road is in a shocking and unacceptable state and it is not alone,” he said. 

The candidate paddled in the pothole to demonstrate just how bad the situation was. 

However, Mac Giolla Easbuig was told the road, which Donegal County Council classifies as a private road, would not be getting any repairs in the foreseeable future. Therefore, he is calling for the re-introduction of the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) which provided work on non-public roads. 

“Much is rightly said about the need to overcome the isolation of rural communities,” he said. “The sense of isolation and of being forgotten about is palpable in communities like this when they cannot even have proper access to their homes.”

The pothole could have been worse (or cuter)...

There are lapses of judgement:

So close!

Poor fella, look at the snow behind him, that can't be fun.

Whimsy on wheels!

Two for one special!
Okay, that's either the biggest pothole/puddle ever or a full blown lake but still.

But don't forget, puddles/potholes can be cute too.
It looks so betrayed by it's own environment.

A little Paul Simon only adds to this heart warming video.