Irish presidential hopeful Martin McGuinness has offered to meet with David Kelly following his confrontation in Athlone on Monday. Kelly accused McGuinness of lying about his involvement in the murder of his father, policeman Patrick Kelly, in 1983.

When questioned by Kelly yesterday, McGuinness said he was not involved with the IRA at the time of his father’s death. He also denied that he was “a liar” and denied any knowledge of the IRA individuals involved with the murder.

According to TV3’s reports David Kelly has not responded to McGuinness’ offer.

meanwhile the relative of anothe rIRA vicitm has also criticized McGuinness.

At Stormont on Tuesday Ann Travers, whose sister Mary was murdered by the IRA, said that for the families of the IRA’s victims it was too soon for McGuinness to be standing  for the presidency.

In 1984 Mary,22, left Mass with her father Tom Travers who was a magistrate and had been targeted by the IRA,. They were both shot and Mary died of her wounds.

Mary McCardle, who was jailed for her involvement in the murder, was recently appointed a Sinn Fein adviser to the Northern Irish government.

Travers told Ulster TV  “I think it's quite insulting for victims of the IRA

“Until victims are considered, listened to and respected, I think it's wrong

"But as I say, a lot of people are willing to forget, that's up to them, that's up to their own conscience.
"I do have a vote in the presidential election and I'm sure Martin isn't surprised he won't be getting my vote."


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