The Irishcentral story on the American woman who believes she captured the image of Jesus on the Cliffs of Moher has gone viral on the Internet and gone all around the world.

Huffington Post has featured it as its number one story of the day and Yahoo News and The Daily Mail have also given it extensive coverage as have numerous other outlets.

Our original story reported how airline pilot Sandra Clifford from San Francisco visited the cliffs in early November and took several pictures that appeared to show the face of a Jesus like figure.

Local bar owners and customers she showed the photographs to said they had never seen anything like it -- nor have any tourists since.

Teresa O’Flaherty of Gus O’Connor’s pub said that she believed it was “very definitely an image of Christ” when, after being shown the image by Clifford she went to the Cliffs to see for herself.



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The story of the alleged Jesus image on the Cliffs, one of Ireland’s premier beauty spots, has really grabbed the media attention in Ireland, the US, and elsewhere.

The Huffington Post headline stated that “Jesus Cliff: Woman says she photographs Christ on Irish rocks”

The article stated " Jesus Christ is said to have helped many people who were close to the edge.
Now comes word that he might have gone over the edge -- and onto the side of a cliff in Ireland. “

The Daily Mail headline over a long report stated that “Christ on Cliff; American tourist spots Jesus' face on an Irish coastline.”

Meanwhile Yahoo went with “Tourist spots face of Jesus on an Irish cliff while other media outlets also reported widely on the phenomenon.