The kinky emails of New Jersey Democrat Undersheriff Joe Cryan have come to light seven years after lobbyist Karen Golding was arrested for stalking the politician.

Denial of sexual emails and their relationship may sully the name of Cryan, who was talked about as a possible opponent for New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

In 2006 Golding was arrested for stalking the up-and-coming politician but she claimed the pair were romantically involved.

It appears that Cryan, the son of an Irish immigrant from County Roscommon, had fought to keep the sexy emails hidden and pushed to have Golding arrested.

The New York Post obtained these emails which illustrate Cryan’s “lust for bondage, oral sex and spanking.” The emails were dropped on the reporter’s driveway and are enough “make any “Fifty Shades of Grey’’ fan blush.”

From 2006 Cryan has pushed for prosecutors to keep these emails out of court. However, after years of Golding pushing for their inclusion, in 2009 their existence was raised in court. Throughout the court case Cryan had denied their relationship and denied the existence of these emails.

In a 14-hour exchange, during a workday, he asked Golding, “What do you want to be spanked with?” and “What will you wear to beg for it?”

He asked, “Available for a bj this morning?...I’m really hard and h...y.”

While Cryan was composing these emails he was either working at his assemblyman gig earning $49,000 per year or as Union Court undersheriff, earning $111,000. The politician used his work email addresses to send these sexy messages.

Cryan chaired the Democratic Party from 2009 to 2010 and had been tipped recently as a contender to run against Governor Chris Christie for the position this November.

His lawyer Tim Donohue has said these emails are not relevant. He said, “Even if she had some type of past relationship with Mister Cryan when they were both single consenting adults that would in no way justify her terrorizing the numerous other victims in this case.”

Throughout the emails Cryan was nervous that their correspondence would be discovered. He asked. “You deleted these emails right?” on July 21, 2004. During these emails he had been fantasizing about Golding dressing as a hooker to meet him at the Democratic Convention in Boston.

Later, according to the prosecution, Golding started to harass Cryan and two women he had been dating. In February 2006 she let herself into his unlocked car in the Trenton Statehouse garage and left him a note. Cryan sent 20 officers, a special-prosecutions unit, intelligence unit and high-tech task force to have Golding arrested for stalking.

Golding pleaded guilty to stalking one of the women and said her behavior had been sparked by the end of her two-year relationship with Cryan.

This February Golding filed the emails at the Morristown Superior Court along with a motion to have her two years’ probation sentence reduced.

New Jersey Democrat Under-sheriff Joe Cryan - 150 kinky emails from the politician have come to light seven years after lobbyist Karen Golding was arrested for stalking himGoogle Images