In a recent exchange between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly on “The Daily Show”, the two talked about such topics as Stewart’s directorial debut, and O’Reilly’s latest book but also got into a heated exchange about Fox News.

During this exchange, Stewart noted that Fox News has been feeling singled out by all the Justice Department's attention regarding the recent seizure of Fox news phone lines as part of a leak investigation. When Stewart compared the incident to the profiling of Muslims by law enforcement. O’Reilly replied that, after "14,000 acts of terror," it was necessary to track Muslims. "I'm just doing the math here," he said. "If they keep mounting up, maybe you do a little profiling," writes the Huffington Post.

Stewart countered that there were around 30,000 deaths a year from gun crime. "Do you think we should start profiling ... the people with the guns?" he said. "It raises above your 14,000 incident threshold."

"What group do you want to zero in on?" O'Reilly said.

"Fox viewers?" Stewart quipped.