James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, who is currently on trial in Boston, said in a 2011 letter that he expected to face the death penalty after being slammed with a mountain of federal charges.

The Boston Herald reports that Bulger penned the letter to his former neighbor Alison McLennan three months after his June 2011 capture.

“He felt no hope of ever getting out. He even made reference to getting the chair, except he called it ‘the electric highway,’” said Alison McLennan, a Quincy, Massachusetts native who now lives in Utah. 

McLennan, who is releasing her first novel ‘Falling for Johnny,’ explained that she received the letter from Bulger after she had mailed him a courtesy missive to let him know her book was based on him.

McLennan said that Bulger wished her good luck with her novel, which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a teenage girl and a violent mob boss who destroyed her family.

As Bulger’s trial progresses in Boston, no one is sure yet whether or not the accused mass murderer will take the stand to testify. McLennan, who has a degree in behavioral science, thinks he will.

"I think he really, really wants to testify, whether he’s self-deluded or it’s a conscious effort to just spin his own image,” she said. “In his mind, he’s an anti-hero. If you’re going out, go out with a blaze of glory.”