An Irishman, who had half his ear bitten off in a brutal St. Patrick ’s Day attack, is due to undergo his third surgery next month.

Dean MacSiomoin, originally from Dublin was attacked by three man outside a bar in Perth late on March 17.

The 34-year-old was saying goodbye to two female friends when he was set upon by the men who had been asked to vacate the club. During the struggle one of the attackers bit and tore off a piece of the Irish man’s ear.

After been rushed to hospital, he underwent two emergency surgeries, the first to remove excess skin and cartilage and the second to stitch his ear back together.

The Dubliner has worked in Perth as an electrician for the last five years, he hopes to return to his job this week and has described the attack as “random”.

“The three guys got put out of the Subiaco hotel and they started smashing the windows,” MacSiomoin told the Irish Echo in Australia.

“All of a sudden they came running and just knocked me to the ground. I got a few punches into the head and as I was trying to stand back up off the ground one of them leaned down and took the top of my ear off. They went running then.”

The Perth resident remembers little apart from the excruciating pain.

“It was all so quick. I don’t remember the guys running at me or knocking me to the ground. I just remember the pain of being bitten,” he said.

“Why would one of them be so bad as to come down and take a bite from you?”

No one has been arrested for the frenzied attack, despite local police releasing CCTV stills of the three offenders.