In the first case of its kind in Ireland, a 27-year-old Kerry man has been accused of inciting hatred on Facebook using an anti-Traveller page.

The accused Patrick Kissane, Knockasarnett, from Killarney, County Kerry, is charged under section 2 of the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act. The page, allegedly established by Kissane, was called "Promote the use of Knacker Babies as Bait".

According to reports in the Irish Independent the page also said "Instead of using animals for shark bait, they could use knack babies. Also as food at feeding time in the zoo and for testing new drugs for viruses."
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It has been alleged that this content was viewed by other parties outside of Kissane's household and therefore can be considered as inciting hatred.

The Kerryman's lawyer, Patrick F O'Connor, told the press outside court that he would be contesting all accusations. He also said that the case would be "extremely technical".

A similar case took place in Canada in 2010, according to According to CBC news a 17-year-old form Quebec used his Facebook page to "disseminate hate and propaganda against different ethnic groups”.